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Selling and the Professions

The Challenge

Most people who enter the professions think of themselves as members of their profession and do not think of selling as part of their job.  

Once they enter practice most find that attracting new business is an unexpectedly large part of the job.  Not only that but they also find that they have to tread the line between being effective salespeople and maintaining their professional status.  

In fact selling is entirely consistent with maintaining your professional status if you take the right approach.

The above is based on buyers' cognitive sequence and summarised in a well known marketing acronym "AIDA".

Law Accountancy

Whatever your profession selling is part of the job.

Engineering, architecture, quantity surveying

Modern techniques make it easier for the professions to sell

There have been several recent interesting changes in the working environment:

Social Media is all about people communicating with people and so is sales – the potential is obvious, but the challenge is to make it work for your business without compromising your professional status or taking too much of your business’s resource.

Consilium will help you develop a communications strategy tailored to your professional practice and offer one-on-one coaching for those whose job it is to move potential clients from awareness, through interest, to desire and then action.