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Bid Support

Increase your chances of winning competitive tenders

Build the right solution

When a customer asks you to enter a competitive bid, where do you start?  It’s all too easy to get bogged down; you need to handle the design of your solution, make sure all the risks are identified and managed, and work out how to set your price. And then if you are bidding to the Public Sector the process in itself can defeat all but the strong.

Tell a winning story

Meanwhile you need to tell a winning story.  People buy from people. They are a mix of both emotion and objectivity; you need to address both. You must get inside your audience’s head, and then present your proposal in a way which addresses your audience in the terms they want, addressing their needs and desires - we call it addressing their lust and their logic.

Apply the necessary mental muscle

As we are independent we can bring a greater sense of objectivity - we’ll help you see the wood from the trees.  We also offer a range of experienced bid staff to share the load, from bid directors to authors and copy editors.

Experienced staff, from bid directors down, to:

Creating the desire to buyhelping justify the buying decision




Objectivity to help you see the wood from the trees