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Follow @BetterSelling Follow @BetterSelling Creating the desire to purchase

People –
how they sell

Process – what you do

when and to whom

Helping prospects
justify their decision

Creating the desire
to purchase

Proposition – your offer
to clients & prospects

Process – what you do when and to whom

Double your Sales Effectiveness

“Six Sigma Selling”

The Six Sigma approach improves the quality of processes by identifying and removing errors. We apply this to selling ‒ consider a sales campaign with five or six stages: if you can improve the typical 60-70% sales effectiveness to 70% or 80% you double your overall effectiveness and chances of making a sale. We offer a range of services to help you improve your sales performance.

Early stage companies

A range coaching and consultancy services for start ups to help transform your bright idea into volume sales and give you the edge over your competitors.

Win ... even when you lose!

Understand how to improve sales performance and build credibility with prospects by learning from your mistakes using our sales diagnostics service.

Sales & Marketing Training

We offer a range of sales and marketing courses: these include sales planning workshops using action learning technique working on live opportunities and a range of marketing courses from our Concise Marketing Workshop to action-based training designed to help you improve your marketing performance.

Marketing Consultancy

With experienced Marketing Directors and professionals we offer our clients advice on their approach from business and marketing strategy to sales and lead generation.

Winning bids

We help our clients develop, write and deliver winning proposals and grant applications based on proven techniques and offer bid support from experienced teams.

Two pages
is all it takes

to turn around
a sales campaign!

Our two page sales plan helps you improve your win rate, minimise slipped order dates, and work out what to do next …

Helping prospects justify their position Proposition - your offer to clients and prospects People - how they sell